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Kolacom, Inc. is a New Jersey based consulting agency, dealing mainly with Unix, however, we do work with PC's dealing with networking software. We design and engineer projects large and small, ranging from custom software packages to large scale turn-key systems.

We cater to many Wall Street companies, architecting systems ranging from order entry, accounting and database implementation. We also work on large-scale networking systems and applications specializing in security and networking.

We specialize in Object Oriented design and development, mainly in Java. We have over 20 years experience in network and communications, multi-threaded design, project management, security, imaging, and device drivers.

We have broad knowledge with Sun Microsystems hardware and software, including Solaris 10, Linux, Cisco Systems routers & terminal servers and the Cisco IOS, Livingston Portmaster, Local and Wide Area Networking, and Software Architecture.

If you need any information or would like to get a quote, please contact Brian Kolaci at bk@Kola.com.

Java/Javascript/C++ Programmers Needed !!!
Please email Brian Kolaci at bk@Kola.com.
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